Risk vs Reward


During this time of the year with so many looking to accomplish new things in 2020, we have to assess the risks and rewards for our achievements. Typically, by March timeframe, many people have abandoned their new year resolutions and have gone back to the status quo. 

In this week’s episode, we look at how to assess the risk of NOT accomplishing your goals and how to reap the reward of accomplishing them. 


The achievement of anything crosses the threshold of the unknown, yet in that space of is the opportunity for reward. Push pass uncertainty to achieve!

Imagine that you are in a pitch-black room. There is absolutely no light. There are no windows. It is so dark, you cannot see your hand directly in front of your face. What do you do? How do you react? You have two options: Move around in an effort to find a way out or don’t move in hopes that someone will find you.

Scary thought, isn’t it?


Yet, this is exactly the situation we find ourselves in when we establish our goals. The purpose of the goal is to accomplish something that you have never done before. The goal is the darkroom. The goal is a risk that we are taking.

At first, the risk seems to be overwhelming. So overwhelming that it may not seem worth pursuing. But here is the thing: The achievement of anything crosses the threshold of the unknown, and in that space of the unknown, there is an opportunity for reward. Going back to the darkroom example, the reward is being able to find a way out of that room by risking obstacles that you cannot see.

When you see these words–risk and reward–they do not automatically lend themselves to be thought of as opposing forces. Yet, when you consider their counterbalanced relationship, you will see that one cannot exist without the other. One is the yin and the other the yang.

Often when you take a greater calculated risk, the outcome, if successful, is a greater reward. Likewise, if you take a small risk, the reward is equally as small. The problem that most of us face is that we are excited about the reward but unwilling to take the risks even when we understand the counterbalanced relationship. We are afraid of moving around in the darkroom.
When we aspire to achieve our goals, we are breaking into new and uncharted territory. This uncertainty stops most of us in our tracks if we don’t have the appropriate motivation to achieve our goals.

But how much risk is uncertainty and how much of that uncertainty can be reduced?

Calculating Risks

In everything that we do, there is a risk. Often we don’t think of them because we have become accustomed to evaluating the outcomes of everyday decisions without a second thought.

When we calculate a risk we often do three things:

  1. Assess the risk,
  2. evaluate its worth, and
  3. determine a course of action.

When it comes to the bigger decisions in our lives we focus on the risks first, just like our everyday decisions, but we look at it from a different point-of-view. In our minds, we highlight the negatives to such an extent that the positives–the rewards– are outnumbered. Then, when we begin to calculate risk, we evaluate its worth much lower than if we looked at the risk from an objective standpoint. And of course, most often we determine that the best course of action is to do nothing at all. Thus, our goals never get off the ground.

But what happens if we slow down the risk evaluation process and truly look at the risk of not working toward the achievement of our goals? What would we see?

At the least, we are able to better evaluate the value of taking the risk. Looking through this lens, we can visualize both processes of either taking or not taking the risk. We can see that the accomplishment of our goals have the ability to create a life we desire. We can see a future where we push pass uncertainty in an effort to achieve our goals.

I know of no one who can tell you exactly how the future is going to turn out. Even with all of the wonders of this world, there is no one that can tell you exactly what the future holds because your future is completely determined by you–the decisions you do or do not make. This is as wonderful as it is terrifying.

Without the proper relationship with your environment (remember that your environment is anything that has influence over you–mentally, physically, emotionally, etc.) you run the risk of living a life full of potential. Evaluate the risk and reap the rewards that come along with the accomplishment of your goals.

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