How to Win in 2020

Hey guys! Ralph Plaskett here. Author of the acclaimed book, Deepening Growth: Powerful Lessons in Cultivating Your Personal Transformation and founder of the Plaskett Institute where we help passionate coaches, consultants and educators strengthen their personal and professional mastery so that it can create transformational impact.


The last time we were together, we were having a conversation about planning for 2020 and beyond. We had a really good conversation about how we can look at the way that we plan to have more intention – a completely different landscape of the way that we look at planning altogether. We came up with some really good results in that conversation. If you haven’t seen that conversation yet, go ahead to the previous video.


What I want to have a conversation about today is How to Win in 2020.


We’ve talked about planning for 2020, but how do we win in 2020 with all of those plans that we have in place?


You see, we can’t go into the new year with the same old habits of the old year. We can’t walk into 2020 with the mindset that we had in 2019.


Now we might have had a fantastic 2019. We might have slewed all of the obstacles that were in front of us and we might have won completely. Yet, there’s still an ambition within you to go to that next level. There are thoughts that you have that you want to manifest here in 2020.


Whatever your happenings were in 2019, 2020 is here and we need to be able to prepare for a win in 2020.


I was just talking to my wife the other day about football. See, we are Clemson fans. My wife attended Clemson so we are full Clemson fans and we are having a blast this season.


See you soon LSU.


We were having a conversation that football is such an amazing experience because it is a technical game as much as it is a mental game where we’re looking at how do we win from a mental perspective. Yes, the physical and technical side of the game is absolutely critical but it cripples without the mental fortitude akin of champions. If you don’t have the mindset, you won’t be able to achieve the win.


There are three things I want to be able to talk to you about today on how to achieve the win in 2020.


The first is yes, you’ve guessed it because we’ve talked about it all year round. And I want to be able to end this last video of the year with the very point that I need to make so that we are clear how to win in 2020.


#1: This is setting the intention of your feelings.

We are having all of this conversation about setting goals and even conversation about setting our intentions. But we never talk about our feelings, especially us men. Right?


If I am feeling sad; if I am feeling happy; if I’m feeling joyful; if I’m feeling depressed; if I’m feeling anxiety; All of these are conversations that we don’t have, nor are they conversations that we set the intention for.


When we have a meeting about an opportunity we come up with and think about what we’re going to say in order to have a presentation that is successful. We do all of the technical aspects of achieving this, meaning we set up the presentation, we make sure they have the right colors, we rehearse, but we never have a conversation about the intention of the feelings we want to possess in that meeting.


You see, if we’re going into this meeting with an anxious feeling, we are going to represent anxiety in our presentation. But if we go in there with a joyful, positive, “I got this!” feeling, the presentation will be completely different. This example illustrates the way that setting the intention of our feelings can change the entire atmosphere and completely shift things in your positive direction.


When we shift our intention towards our feelings – how we want to be – then we have the opportunity for an even greater impact.


#2: A clear focus on your impact.

Yes, we have the goals and we have the goal achievement mindset but what is the impact?


What impact are you looking for in these goals?


What impact are you trying to make in yourself and your family and your community?


What’s the impact are you really going for?


We have conversations about the goal. We have conversations about the technical things that we need to do, but we don’t often have conversations about the impact.


To have a clear focus of the impact that we’re trying to make changes the entire game.


I’ll give you an outlandish example. I want to solve world hunger. Now, that is a lofty goal. You can even put some imagination around it on what that really looks like and you could even put a time frame of accomplishing it. You can make it a S.M.A.R.T goal, but it still has no impact.


An impact for that goal would be, “I want to make sure that no child goes to bed hungry.”


Now that gives me the ability to get out of bed in the morning. That gives me the ammunition to say, regardless of the obstacles and the challenges ahead of me, I am going to pursue this impact.


I can see the child going to bed hungry, wishing that they had a snack, wishing that they had a meal, wishing there was something nutritious in their belly. I can’t see that if there’s such a lofty goal of “I want to solve world hunger”.


When we have a clear focus on the impact that we’re trying to make, then we have an ability to move past the obstacles that are sure to come. The impact gives us the ability to have a driving force that allows us to move beyond the obstacles in order to achieve the impact that we are making in our goals.


#3: Pre-build periods of rest and reflection.


We often don’t do this. And this is the sad part because we get to a place of burnout. We get to a place where we’re running and going until we become burnt out. We have physical manifestations of ailments because we are not taking care of ourselves.


The pursuit of achievement isn’t just the pursuit of material possessions, but it is a pursuit of a well balanced, rather, harmonious life. And that includes your health and wellbeing. Not only your physical health and wellbeing, from strength and conditioning to nutrition but also your mental health and wellbeing.


When we look at our schedule for the 12 months of the year, we must build in periods of rest and reflection. It may be a weekend. It might just be a day but we must build in consistent periods of rest and reflection.


The first benefit this gives is obvious. It gives us rest. It gives us the ability to recharge and get back into the game with the same energy and fervency as when we started our goal.


The second thing it does is gives us the dedicated time of reflection that we need. And reflection is a superpower that we have as human beings to be able to look at what was and to see ourselves as how we’ve operated in the past.


The scientific term for this is metacognition. I often say, “what is meta-Ralph doing?” How am I looking at this situation from a metacognition standpoint?


I’ve developed this skill over time, but if we take periods of rest and reflection, we can go back and take time and evaluate, “how did I do this past month? How did I do this past three months? What were the challenges that I faced? How did I handle those challenges?”


Periods of rest and reflection are critically important for your harmonious existence. So if we can build those periods of rest and reflection consistently throughout the year and commit to them – not allowing them to be moved off your schedule but really commit to them – then these periods will give us profound benefits.


This is especially so in the United States where we don’t give much credence to rest and reflection. We feel like we need to go, go, go. Where in other cultures around the world are very cognizant of the power and the benefit that rest can give us.


These are the three things that I wanted to share with you of how to win for 2020.


First, let’s set the intention of our feelings.


Second, let’s get a clear focus of the impact that we’re trying to make.


And third, we need to have prebuilt periods of rest and reflection.


These three things are going to allow us to win for 2020 and beyond.


When we have access to these tools then we have the ability to make child’s play of our goals. We have more fun. We will be more energetic. We have this ability because we have a clear focus on the impact. We know the feeling that we must have as we come into these opportunities that are before us and certainly, we know how we can recharge through rest and reflection.


I implore you to go ahead and utilize these three must-haves for 2020 so that you can have a successful year. I’m so excited for what you’re going to accomplish here in 2020. I’m so excited for the opportunities that are going to be before you.


I’m Ralph Plaskett and until next week, enjoy the greatness that is life.

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