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If our goals are cars, then they need fuel to keep them going until they get to the finished line. In this episode, I share 3 driving forces that we have access to in order to realize our goals. 

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Do you remember your physics class? 

I know it may be a while for some of you guys. It is certainly is a while for me. But do you remember your physics class? 

It’s the very foundation of physics. It was a saying that was very popular that got everyone to remember the concept of energy. You see, it’s an object in motion will stay in motion unless a force, an opposite force, is placed on that object. An object at rest will stay at rest unless a force, an opposite force, is placed on that object. 

So this is what our conversation is about today – potential energy and kinetic energy. You see, this is the very foundation of physics and it applies to every other aspect of our everyday life. You see, this basic aspect of physics is something that we relate to day in and day out as it relates to our goals – the things that we are pressing forward to be able to accomplish. It relates astronomically well. Did you see what I did there? “Astronomically.” 

When we have potential, our goals are simply that, they are potential. The very definition of a goal is an intent to accomplish something. 

That’s all it is. There’s nothing else to it. 

There is an intent to accomplish something, but once we put it into motion, once we start activating it, once we start to go ahead and do something about it and we walk it out, our goal go from potential energy into kinetic energy. The further we go, the faster we go, the more we exercise our goals, the more kinetic energy that we release. 

So why are we getting all geeky, if you would, in physics and kinetic and potential energy? Well, because I want to talk about the opposing force which is the driving force of your goals. 

Last week we talked about how we utilize the energy around our negative emotions and we learned how to turn them so that we can have positive movement. Meaning that we leverage our negative emotions, leveraging the concept of Aikido to be able to use that negative emotion and move it into a manner that allows us positive forward progression. 

This week, I want to talk further about how we can utilize energy to be able to propel our efforts, our goal achievement further. See, the driving force is a critically important thing that we need to understand. We need to bring it to our conscious awareness. We’re all aware that there are some level of a driving force. We’re all aware that there are things that are going to propel us forward and things that are going to stop us, but we don’t think about how we can leverage those driving forces to be able to move forward for our benefit.


The one thing that I think is really important is to bring this to our awareness so that we have the tools that we can pull out of our toolbox and say, “I’m going to apply this particular tool at this moment because this is what I need in order to move forward.”

We have driving forces that will propel us and we have driving forces that will anchor us down and stop us. The latter will drive us into the ground and keep us planted or the former is going to propel us and move us forward. Motivation and encouragement are one of the support system constructs that I’ve talked about before that will help you, myself included, propel us forward. But then just the opposite is negative emotions. Emotions such as fear: fear of success, fear of failure, fear of the unknown and fear of public speaking for example.

Any level of distinguishing fear can cause us to be planted into our position and never moving forward. But I also want to talk about is the really interesting aspect of the positive driving force. As a reminder, we talked about leveraging our motivation and encouragement to help us move us forward in our support system construct. But what about this other sense of driving forward called a consuming desire? 

I love rags to riches stories. I love these type of stories of success and achievement because it really illustrates what it takes to get to the level of achievement that so many of us look at from the end result. We look at the end result not knowing all of the work that it took to get to that achievement. I love these stories because they illustrate the journey that one had to take in order to get to achieve their aims.

And what I have seen in these stories time and time again are three consuming desires – Three types of positive driving forces, which I’m calling consuming desires, that have the ability for us to move obstacles out of the way by either going over it, under it, or through it. 

The first consuming desire is a promise [of a love one]. Not any old promise will do because in today’s society it just seems like someone’s word is no longer their bond. It used to be that if someone said they were going to do something you knew it was going to be done. There was integrity in what they said. It seems like we’ve gotten away from that a little bit further than I would have preferred; this sense of integrity.

Nevertheless, that’s a completely different video for a completely different conversation. See a promise that moves you to the point where you stop at nothing to achieve because you’ve committed to keeping it. This is a promise of a loved one. 

This is a type of promise that moves you to the point where you are going to stop at nothing to be able to realize this promise. This is a promise that stories are made of. These are what we see at the movies or hear in the news and are astonished by what the person did in order to realize the promise. 

The second consuming desire that I’ve seen constantly in these stories of rags to riches and senses of achievement is the boiling frustration. Yes, the absolutely boiling frustration that you see something and we know that it can be better. But not only that you see it and you know you can make it better but really have that boiling frustration where you see it and you’re like, “I have the answer! And I am deeply moved by causing a betterment in this area.” 

So much of what we see in today’s society is that we let the things that frustrate us go but we are still mad, frustrated, and disappointed. We don’t allow ourselves to get frustrated, get angry, and actually do something about it. You see, there’s a lot of woke people out there, but not enough people who are taking action on their ‘wokeness’.

This is just like potential energy. You are woke, you have an awareness, you might be sharing that awareness on social media, but if you’re not actively engaging to make that thing that you have a boiling frustration about better then you’re no better for it. So when we have a boiling frustration, we need to act on that frustration. If you have an idea, pool people together so that you can realize that benefit of the idea. 

The third consuming desire that I’ve seen in so many of these stories is a goal for the greater good of humanity. These are social causes.

And it doesn’t have to be a social cause like the civil rights movement, which was one of the boiling frustrations that bubbled up into beautiful social cause [ending result]  that made us that much better of a society in America. 

But social causes like health and wellbeing. Psychological wellbeing is one of them. Health as far as physical wellbeing as well. Eating better, the way that we consume our food and knowing what’s in it. Organic versus pesticides [for example]. These are examples of social cause consuming desires where you want to see a [significant] movement from because of the greater benefit to a large portion of the population.

In these three consuming desires, we have the capacity to move beyond our barriers so that we can realize goals that extend beyond ourselves. Yes, the frustration starts [within us]. Yes, the desire starts [within us] but the realization of the goals that we have in these consuming desires or the achievement of these goals is for the betterment of so many more than our four and no more. We have the capacity to benefit a greater society, benefit our community, benefit our county, our state, our world. So not only that we benefit from these changes but our children’s children can as well. We can create the conditions that could result in a better experience in this thing called life. 

I’m Ralph Plaskett and I’m so excited to be able to share this type of information with you. I want to hear your feedback. I really do. So let me know in the comments down below. What really moved you in this video? What did you do differently once you heard this video? I would love to engage with you. 

So until next week,  enjoy the greatness that is life.

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